The Styrian company was originally founded as a small metal works in 1894 by master metal worker Ludwig Binder in Graz-Eggenberg. Just before the First World War Binder’s work force numbered more than 40.

In the 1920s, the company specialised in iron constructions. In 1926,  Dr. Alois Sernetz, the founder’s son-in-law, took over the company management and led the enterprise through the confusion of the economic crisis. The chief products were made of iron.

After the recession years, the beginning of the 1940s heralded an economic upswing. The company grew into a medium-sized enterprise with more than 150 employees, and still concentrated on iron constructions.

The 1950s up to the present time was a groundbreaking period for the development of the company. In 1954, under the management of Dr. Alois Sernetz’s son, Dr. Heinz Sernetz, the “Binder system” was developed for vibration screens. The “Binder system” became a name which even today has not lost its importance.

In 1960 work was started on the new industrial premises in Gleisdorf. The round hall, interesting from the point of view of structural engineering and which has served as a prototype for a number of similarly built halls, still serves today as the main attraction of the manufacturing site. The first machine tools were commissioned only one year later, and the site in Graz was sold.

Binder+Co set another milestone in its history in 1971 as the company designed and manufactured its first large-scale plants. At the same time, the company was integrated into the state-owned Voestalpine Group to ensure the world-wide marketing of Binder+Co machinery. In 1973, the export share of production exceeded the 50% mark for the first time ever.

Binder+Co was to be a successful public-sector provider of products in the field of bulk-material processing technology and recycling for the next 20 years.  In 1978 Binder+Co developed their first packaging systems, and in 1989 the first recycling plants.

In 1991 the enterprise was reprivatised and subsequently found itself under majority ownership of the private Austrian company Auricon Beteiligungs AG. After an initial public offering in 1992, an interim position in the Waagner-Biro Group and delisting in 1998, Binder+Co AG has been an independent public company since 1999.

Today, Binder+Co is a world-wide technology leader in the field of glass recycling and also a market leader in the field of materials difficult to screen with its lead product BIVITEC®. These core products are supplemented by products of drying technology and high-performance packaging technology.

The company has been once again listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 27 December 2006. In June 2007, Binder+Co stock was accepted into the newly created mid market segment, and shortly afterwards relisted on the regulated open market. The company is marked by a stable ownership structure. Just over half the shares are held by institutional investors, while the remainder are owned by diverse shareholders.
(Last updated: December 2008)

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