Your perspectives at Binder+Co

People come first
In our company the staff has always played an especially important role. That's why our motto was "WoMan-Metal-Machine" for many years. People come first, they work the metal, producing intelligent products - machines and facilities whose reliability and quality our global reputation is based on. At Binder+Co we demand but also promote creativity and courage. And we know that our staff makes use of the opportunities we provide. Our staff can still say with pride that some part of them is in every product made by Binder+Co. And ultimately, our customers benefit from the joy our staff feels in taking their job seriously!
From our staff, we at Binder+Co demand no more or less than:

  • Confidence in our staff
  • Maximum independence at work
  • Highest degree of competence and delegation of responsibilities
  • Originality in the realisation of projects
  • Optimum integration of staff in company processes
  • Emotional identification of staff with task: Strong team spirit at Binder+Co

The size and organisation of our company allows for quick communication and decision-making and warrants that pragmatic solutions are found to any problems that may arise. These two factors make cooperation between the various specialised departments possible with an absolute minimum of red tape. This means a diversity of activities so that every staff member can develop and grow. Content and area of activity are tailored to the individual staff member. All these different factors, designing the job to meet human needs, the manageable size and the independence of our company, are characteristic for the work in our team.